Toll-free numbers are a hot topic to discuss in business lanes these days. The sort of calling liberty, reduce call rates and around the globe access that online phone numbers offers are beyond comparison.

What is a toll-free number?

Toll-free numbers are basically three digit codes numbers that don’t exert any call charges upon the caller. In plain words, calling on the toll-free number is free of cost.

In general, there are three types of toll-free numbers:


  • Domestic toll-free number
  • International toll-free number
  • Universal international freephone numbers (UIFN)


All three functions in a different manner and caters the different needs.

But, the legit question to ask here is:

Is every toll-free number best for you?

The answer is certainly not. And in this post, we will try to figure out why and how.

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)

UIFN numbers are that type of toll-free numbers, which are not country-specific. Rather than this, they are global number. By the word “global” we mean that you need not to buy different 1800, 800 and 888 phone numbers for different location.  One number can be used for multiple locations. Many businesses are using these nowadays.

Though these types of numbers are a great way to have a unified number for multiple locations, they have their own issues. As they have totally different pattern from 1800, 800, and 888 phone numbers, most of the customers don’t realize that calling on them in actually free of cost.

Another major issue is limited accessibility. Unlike international toll free numbers, they are not omnipresent. Only 40 countries offer this facility.  

As they are little different from the league, you need to be little more attentive while buying them.  Here are some things to be noted before you actually buy a UIFN:

  • You should resister your UIFN number with a minimum of two countries.
  • It demands one-time payment cost that it usually high.
  • Cost of UIFN is highly variable and depends upon the number of countries selected.

For whom Universal international freephone numbers, toll-free number is best fit?

Though any global business that seeks to keep a single contact number can buy UIFN numbers, they are the best thing for hospitality and travel agent business as they receive guest across the globe.

International Toll-free number

The second type of toll-free number is an international toll-free number. It is one of the most common sorts of toll-free. These country specific toll-free numbers are easy to get and allows you to serve your clients better.  For instance, buying a South Africa Phone Number allows a user to make in-country call to any other South Africa number without any call cost.  

You can purchase toll-free numbers of any desired code depending upon your business need and requirements. Usually, 1800,800, and 888 phone numbers are most common amongst the users as they are easy-to-memorize and gives a professional image to the business.

The main reason behind such immense popularity of international toll-free is its features and multi-level functionality. You can do call forwarding to any data driven device using an international toll—free number. This is not the case with domestic toll free number.

For whom international toll-free number is best fit?

Though these types of online phone numbers can be opted by businesses of all sorts, they are best suited for international companies operating at global level.  Let understand its utility in a better way with the help of an example.

If a US based company have a huge customer base in South Africa then a toll-free South Africa Phone Number is the best option for that company as it will allow its local customers to contact them without bearing any call charges.

This way they help an international business to win over the hearts of local customers and cater them in a better way.  

Domestic Toll-Free Numbers

Most commonly used type of toll-free numbers is domestic toll-free numbers. From the surface, they function in a similar manner as an international toll-free number do. However, they are different from them at a certain level as well. They are basically 800 numbers that come with limited operations. Though they allow a caller to call without any call charges, they don’t put down any add-on calling charges. For instance, Estonia virtual phone number will allow callers to make a call on the house.

They are not that much popular as not every country offers this service. However, the low calling charging and installation fee makes them dear of all.

For whom domestic toll-free number is best fit?

Domestic toll-free numbers can be easily used by businesses of all sorts irrespective of the size and type. The use of domestic toll-free numbers in industries like retail, consumer, insurance, and technical support businesses is worth notable as it such businesses to keep their callers free from calling charges and provide all-around accessibility.

Toll-free numbers are the spine of any successful business. Till now, you must have understood that which type of toll-free numbers is the best free for your business. Buy them now and help your business grow by leap and bound.