WordPress has gone ‘Tiptonic’ with version 4.9. Have you upgraded yet, and what was your experience?

I’ve upgraded all my sites to 4.9 (codenamed ‘Tipton’) and I have had few issues. What about you? The only real issues I discovered was incompatibility with my Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin, but this was quickly resolved by a update release of the plugin. Phew!

There are some really great posts in the webisphere about the new features of WordPress 4.9 but the one I really like is the enhancements made to code editing, which now gives you improved markup and color-coding, just like your favorite text editor (I use Sublime Text.) What’s more, it’s powered by some awesome error checking and auto-correction and auto-completion. The editor warns us if there is an error in our code – how many times has your site been brought down by an errant character in the wrong place?

Need we use an external text editor again?

The other improvement which I rate is when saving widgets – it’s much more clearer now what has been saved.

And talking about widgets – an update to the humble and often-bastardized text widget is the neat ability to add media. No more hand-coding to achieve this (what-should-have-always-been-a) simple task.

Upgrading the smart way

Upgrading your WordPress core should be done with the usual caution:

  1. Make sure you have a complete backup of your files and your database
  2. Upgrade, and then test everything – on multiple device formats
  3. Once upgraded, check for upgrades to your plugins too
  4. Take a full backup after upgrading too, so you have a restore point
  5. If you have been holding off up until now, it’s time to upgrade your PHP version to v7 (and then backup and test again)

Have you experienced an WordPress 4.9 upgrade issue?

We’d love to hear your stories on the upgrade – did you experience any issues? Plugins mis-behaving? A total meltdown? Please share your experience, and what you have done to fix it, by leaving a comment below.

Here is a Video Overview of 4.9