Social networking platforms have in recent times eclipsed search engines in terms of popularity with users. Nowadays, internet users spend more time on social networking platforms rather than on traditional internet platforms such as Google and Bing. Realizing this, most small business including big corporations that top casino rankings by have sought to leverage the power of social networking platforms for the success of their business. Below, we share with you the top social networking platforms which have been used by businesses in boosting their operations. The hope is that other emerging businesses can also do the same and boost their businesses by simply using social networks to their advantage.


Over 500 million users log in to LinkedIn every month. Most of these users are professionals who use the social network to expand their contacts as well as accessing emerging trends in their line of business. As such, you can see that LinkedIn is a great social networking platform to use if you are looking to connect with professionals. Emerging businesses that offer products or services to professionals will find LinkedIn very rewarding. The beauty of LinkedIn is that it comes with advertising plans. Using these plans, you can create targeted ads which reach the population that you are targeting. This, therefore, means you don’t have to waste valuable resources reaching a population that will not see value in what you are offering.


Facebook is one of the oldest social networking platforms. Though it has been in existence for quite some time now, this platform is growing stronger and stronger by each day. In fact, its longevity has seen it add some innovative and creative features which aid emerging businesses to createhigh quality targeted ads. The beauty of Facebook is that it is used by many people both professionals and non-professionals. As such, when using Facebook, a business can reach all types of people across the world.


Twitter is more like the ‘upgraded’ version of Facebook. As such, most people who use Twitter are the middle-classcitizens who want ‘classier and finer’ things. If your business specifically creates products and services for the middle class, then you will realise immense success if you use Twitter as your priority platform in social network ads.


Instagram is a bit different from the social networking platforms discussed above. Rather than focusing mainly on text, Instagram focuses more on images. As such, businesses that want to advertise their products or services in image form will be better placed to do so using Instagram than any other social networking platform. Instagram also supports videos hence businesses can create advertising videos if they want to have a more positive and stronger impact.


YouTube is a social networking platform that specifically focuses on video content. This is great for businesses that may want to do tutorials as well as businesses that may want to explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of their products.