Mobile phone applications are becoming more and more popular and consequently indispensable in our routine. The variety of applications we can find in the app store or play store are no longer countable. Market competition is increasingly fierce, market entry is becoming more complicated and revenue generation through paid or freemium apps are as well.

 However, the great applications we all know about are growing more and more. In the third quarter of 2019, revenue from selling apps and services through the Google Play Store on Android and the Apple App Store on iOS increased by 22.9%. 

It was also disclosed the applications that earn the most money from its developers. In the following list, we have several apps that are associated with services. The top is led by Tinder, followed by Netflix and YouTube. Check out the top 3 best-selling apps today.

  1. Tinder

For those who don’t know what it is, or want to pretend they don’t, I’ll explain. Tinder is a dating application. Dating doesn’t necessarily have to be love or sexual – in some countries you can find people on Tinder who simply want to hang up with, literally.

Unbeatable online dating giant Match Group, a subsidiary of InterActiveCorp holding, has acquired so many dating sites that some critics wonder why the company is not facing antitrust lawsuits. But the crown jewel in their empire is really the Tinder app. Last year, it gained 1.2 million subscribers and raised nearly as much money as its other subsidiaries combined, including and OkCupid, according to Q4 2018 results.

In total, Match Group earned about $ 1.73 billion in 2018 from $ 1.33 billion in 2017, and net profit attributable to its shareholders was $ 478 million in 2018, up from $ 350 million in 2017.

  1. Netflix
  2. You can access it via your TV or any internet-enabled device through which you can access the Netflix application: computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TV, video game consoles, DVD players, or even the vendor set top box via TV channels that make Netflix available.

    This year’s third quarter, Netflix was driven by new seasons of shows like “Stranger Things” and “13 Reasons Why.” The company added 6.77 million subscribers worldwide, exceeding the average analyst expectation of nearly 6.7 million, according to Refinitiv’s IBES data.

    Netflix said it was on track to reach 13% operating margin by the end of the year and was aiming for another 300 bp expansion by 2020. The total number of subscribers reached 158 million. Still, the company faces challenges and upcoming rivals are entering the streaming world.

  1. Youtube 
  2. Social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are moving to offer better video platforms, but we all know who is in charge: YouTube. According to Alexa rankings, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, second only to Google, which owns the platform.

    Given its level of popularity as a video sharing platform – where users upload, watch, comment, and share content – it’s no surprise that people use YouTube to watch everything: from a guy going crazy stunts, to seeing a double rainbow, up to the latest Nicki Minaj clip.

    YouTube is available in more than 90 countries and supports 80 languages, which is not surprising, as there are more than 1.9 billion monthly active users, according to July’s 2018 numbers. That is about a third from all internet users.

    Note that the apps with the most revenue are not the most downloaded. In the list of the most downloaded, WhatsApp is the undisputed leader and the hegemony of Facebook services are notorious. However, TikTok is entering this list of most popular apps faster than a horse escalating into the Kentucky Derby betting odds. The tendency is to increase in the future. How popular will it turn out in 2020?