In the last few years, social media has become an important tool for every single organization, company or brand. With social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, marketers can generate an excellent online exposure for their brands. Also, social media allows them to showcase their products and services in front of millions of online customers. All what it takes is a perfect marketing strategy, and you brand goes to the top above your competitors.

Do you really think you’re up to date with the best social media marketing techniques? I’m sharing here top 20 vital techniques which will help you improve your social media marketing as well as maximize the effectiveness of your social media campaigns


#1 Start with a Social Media Plan

Whenever you setup a new business, you must a perfect plan to start with. Being a new marketer on social media, you should plan each and every thing before you can execute them. By creating a social media marketing plan, you’ll gain more success in your business. Also, this will help you avoid any social media mistakes.

#2 Content Creation

The entire social media marketing simply depends on the content available on your social media channel. Best quality content plays a very crucial role to generate a huge targeted-audience. Make sure you post content in a regular manner because if your audience receives more from you, they would be able to show more trust on you and on your products & services.

#3 Unique & Relevant Content

Whatever the content is, make sure it should be unique and relevant to your brand or product. Always deliver a good piece of information which looks interesting and perfectly fits with the actual identity of your brand. Avoid posting repeated content or any sort of information on your social media channels. Always try to come with new and unique content which is easy to read and can attract your customers.

#4 Include Social Update in Content

Try to include social updates in your content in order to attract more audience to your social media channel. If you come across to any recent social update or anything else that’s relevant to your business and what you find good for your audience, just create a blog post and write about it. As per an online report, it has been shown that more than 50 percent of online users are attracted to the posts containing information about social updates.

#5 Guest Posting

Guest posting is always considered the best and most effective trick in social media marketing. Always look for the blogs, newsletters, media publications, etc. where you think you can write a post for you.Additionally, posting comments on others’ channels would also be helpful for you. By doing this, people will start recognizing your brand and you’ll become more popular among your customers.

#6 Make Use of InfoGraphics

InfoGraphics is the best way to represent complex data beautifully with the help of best text, images and attractive design. Unlike ordinary text content, the infographics get more viral due to their attractiveness as most of the audience is attracted towards visual. Don’t forget to add your logo and brand name on the infographics to create greater brand awareness on social media platforms.

#7 Provide Online Videos

Online videos and tutorials always help you get better engagement on social media platforms. Video is considered one of the most important strategies in content marketing. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or what you’re selling, make sure you’re using video marketing strategy for the biggest video platforms like YouTube.

#8 Be Available Everywhere

Being a new marketer, it’s very important for you to be available everywhere, so thatyou can make a strong impact on social media. The only thing you should know is that where your targeted-audience is hanging out. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are not the only options one can have. In fact, there are many other popular social media platforms, such as: YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Google+ and many more.

#9 Regular Sharing

Sharing is known as the currency of social media, and one of the most important social media marketing techniques. Lots of stuffs are shared each and every day on the Internet. Social-media sharing is actually a skill that requires perfect strategy and timing. You should better know what to share, when to share and how to share.

#10 Regular Analyzes

The best thing to gain success in social media is analyze your past posts to determine which of them work for you and which of them don’t. Most of the businesses and organizations analyze the effectiveness of their social media content after publishing them. You must avoid posting such content that may fail to get significant engagement on your social media channels. There’re many tools available online which can help you in data analysis for content curation before you can post it.

#11 Content Management Tools

Sometimes content management can be tricky for you when you’re managing several social media channels at the same time. Being a social media manager, this would be an intimidating task for you to choose the right piece of content for the audience on your social media platforms. In such situation, content management strategy can help you. You can take help of smart content management tools to meet your requirement.

#12 Social Advertisements

Social media is the perfect place for the companies to market their brands, and social media advertisement is simply a formula to triple your success. Sometimes your customers don’t see all of your conversion, it’s quite natural. But if you follow smart marketing tactics, you have much better chances to gain attraction social media platforms. Facebook is the best option to start advertisement campaigns on social media.

#13 Make Use of #Hashtags

The use of #hashtags has shown a great impact on modern culture. For content marketers, it provides an excellent way to find out the social media conversations which are somewhere relevant to their business or brand. It also helps marketers bring their content in front of the right people.

#14 Share Image on Twitter

Sharing images on social media platforms like Twitter get much better engagement than simple tweets containing plain text. If you want to get your most important content noticed by your followers and audience on Twitter, adding visual appeal to your tweets is the smartest way to do that. Up to 4 images can be added with one tweet at a time.

#15 Social Media Channel Plan Creation

Creating a social media channel plan before you can share your posts on different social platforms is extremely important. As your goals are different on each social platform, the content you developed should be different as well. You must avoid sharing the same or one type of content on every social platform.

#16 Hosting of Social Media Events

Hosting online events on social media platforms like Facebook will surely help you build a loyal and extremely popular community for your fans. You must have heart about Fan Page Friday, a fun and effective online event that allows your fans to share links of their own pages on your social channels. Such event can last more than 24 hours, and provides you a better way to discover new businesses, get more fans, and build tremendous community.

#17 Private Hangout Hosting

A perfect conversation with the right people is very important for social media success, and Google+ would be the most useful tool for you. Host private Hangout-On-Air (HOA) events on Google+ to reach the right audience.  Such private community is more effective than other public communities.

#18 Make Use of Live Internet Broadcast

Why would the audience choose you when there are a million options for content on social media? You have to be an effective marketer here by rising above the noise. Also, make sure you are smart enough to differentiate yourself from everything else. The Live Internet Broadcast can surely help you in this task.

#19 Put Positive Feedback on Top

Customer feedbacks are very important for a company or organization, especially when the feedbacks are positive. Generally, when a new comment is received on your page, it hides the recent posts. Sometimes a negative feedback can hide the positive ones which is not good for your reputation. Make sure the positive feedbacks are shown on the top, so that your visitors can build trust on you or your brand. Luckily, there is a trick for featuring positive fan comments on your main timeline of Facebook.

#20 Find New Customers through Pinterest

Finding new customers through Pinterest platform is easy due to its smart search capabilities. The social media marketers, who are promoting their brands through Pinterest platform, should turn off its search engine privacy setting. By doing this, search engines like Google and Bing can easily show your company’s profile and boards within their search results. Such privacy setting should only be turned on for your personal Pinterest account. You must use your business keyword in the title and description of your boards, so that more people can find your business.

All above social media marketing techniques are taken from the contribution of social media marketing experts. Now what’re you waiting for? Make use of these easy techniques to drive your social media success on the top of the world.