Social media plays a crucial role in business development and its growth. Content sharing among thousands of followers becomes so easy through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. One can find a vast amount of information on the Internet about social media marketing for being successful through social media platforms. There’re hundreds of blogs dedicatedly focused on the topic of social media marketing. You might be a bit confused while choosing the best one to follow.

To help you out in this situation, I’ve compiled a list of the top 12 social media blogs here from which you’ll learn almost each and every thing about social media marketing. I hope the information shared below would be helpful for all those readers who actually need to know much more about social media, be it a complete novice looking for the basics or an experienced social media expert.

#1 Rebekah Radice | Digital Marketing + Social Media + Strategy


Whenever it comes about top social media blogs, I find Rebekah Radice’s blog is the best thing to start with. I can’t even imagine that people talk about top social media blogs without referencing this one. Being a social media strategist, author, speaker and an active blogger, she helps her readers know the basic concepts of Twitter through her blog. Also, readers can learn the useful tricks of social media marketing as well as how to make strategic approach for online business campaigns.

#2 Social Media Explorer | Home of 2125 hand crafted marketing articles and counting


My second choice for best social media blog would be Social Media Explorer, powered by SME Digital. The blog is all about finding the information and delivering the results. The primary focus of this blog is simply on the digital marketing activities which readers should be aware of. The greatest posts by the greatest digital strategist, Jason Falls, help readers understand the social media’s impact on marketing and public relations.

#3 Danny Brown | There’s more to life than social media


The third one is this list would be, no doubt, Danny Brown’s site. Generally social media blogs are full of tips and tricks on social media strategies. But this blog help you get more than that. It actually defines what social media and marketing are in real, and why they are useful for humans. Through this blog, readers get information to understand the better way to tell stories and to run successful businesses.

4# Jon Loomer – For Advanced Facebook Marketers


Jon Loomer is a well-known author, speaker, strategist, and more than that he is a Facebook marketing coach. It has been more than five years for him to use Facebook for business purposes. Through his blog,, he provides smart and effective marketing and advertising strategies for advanced Facebook marketers. The information available on Jon Loomer’s posts is helpful for marketers and business owners to maximize their efforts with the help of smart marketing strategies.

5# Jenn’s Trends – in social media management


The Jenn’s Trend blog is primarily focused on the smartest strategy for using Instagram marketing. Being a social media consultant and trainer, Jenn Herman helps her readers gain success in their business with the help of best social media marketing strategies. Through this blog, she brings the most relevant and effective social media and business trends in front of new marketers.

#6 The Future Buzz – Digital Marketing and Social Media Blog


The Future Buzz, owned by Adam Singer, is one of the most popular blogs in the field of social media and digital marketing. This blog is full with useful information about digital marketing and public relations strategies, how to build organic buzz and create long-term visibility for your brand and business on social media platforms. The content available on this blog is truly valuable for everyone, from entrepreneurs at startups to marketing leaders at major corporations.

#7 Pamorama – Building Buzz in a Connected World


Pamorama is the right place for new marketers to start from. The owner of this blog, Pam Dyer, shares some valuable thoughts with her readers which help them optimize their brands, creating customers’ engagement and drive sales by using social media channels and other content marketing programs. Being a social media strategist, she helps individuals as well as companies create, manage and measure the outreach efforts through social networks.

#8 SocialMouths – Kick-ass Social Media and Business Advice for Real Entrepreneurs


This blog is all about free advice for being successful online. Francisco Rosales, owner of SocialMouths, brings out the best and smart strategies for blogging, social media, web traffic, content marketing, conversion and email marketing. This blog has some of the best social media content and advice you’ll find on the web which can be applied to practical and tactical uses. Through this blog, you can learn the ultimate email marketing strategy to keep your subscribers engaged and turn them into customers.

#9 DuctTape Marketing – Small Business Marketing Consulting


DuctTape Marketing is a must-read blog for all small business owners. Originally founded by John Jantsch, this blog is the best place for online marketers to get strategic and tactical advice about leveraging digital marketing and social media to grow their business. Whatever gets published here on this blog, either by the founder or the occasional guest contributors, is simply worth examining.

#10 LinkedIntoBusiness – Making Social Media work for you!


If you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur, LinkedIntoBusiness is a must-read blog for you to get strategic and tactical advice for making social media easier and more accessible. Originally founded by Viveka Von Rosen, the primary objective of this blog is to provide useful tips & tricks to the companies and individuals, so they can properly utilize the social media platforms, especially LinkedIn and Twitter, to their fullest for effective social media marketing.

#11 RazorSocial – Build Your Marketing Engine

RazorSocial, founded by Ian Cleary, is one of the most trafficked social media and content marketing blogs in the world. This blog is the best place for marketers to get the valuable information on tools and technology in the social media and content marketing through well-illustrated and detailed posts. If you’re a marketer setting up a new business and don’t know how to make online marketing work for you, this is a must-read blog for you.

#12 PostPlanner –

PostPlanner was originally created for social media marketers by social media marketers. The blog, founded by Joshua Parkinson, dedicatedly works for its readers to help them get more engagement and reach on social media in very less time. It makes easy for you to find and share amazing content in a consistent manner. Learn how you can get predictable, measurable and remarkable results with your social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and many other social media platforms.

There’re lots more social media blogs available online which give you useful tips & tricks for social media marketing. These 12 social media blogs (mentioned above) are most worthy to be bookmarked on your system. With the help of these blogs, you’ll be able to start putting together a strong social media strategy and implement it for your business success on social media platforms.