Sharing files between iOS devices becomes easier with the application. No doubt, that this approach is much more convenient than sending e-mails and using thimb drive. The interface of Dropbox is terrific! The application is easy in use, in case you need help, tutorial provides you with all answers concerning this app. To download it you won’t have to waste much time. Dropbox easily and quickly uploads even the biggest files. It gives an opportunity to perform different actions (like view documents, share files or view pictures) without help of e-mail. Besides, it is possible to view files offline by marking them as favorites. Moreover, Dropbox is excellent for dealing with music files. It is easy to upload music to Dropbox account and enjoy listening to it. However here we face one drawback – there is a pause when you are downloading music files from iPod or iPhone to account.



Dropbox with storage less than 100 GB can be downloaded at Dropbox.com for free. Account free of charge gives access to 2 GB of memory. You will have to pay for Pro 100 GB account. Both Mac and Windows fit Dropbox. The Dropbox app is good for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Dashline 2.0

Updated version of password manager gives numerous possibilities for big city dwellers. Dashline also function as e-wallet.. Mobile applications and desktops now enjoy two-factor authentication made with the help of Google Authenticator.
Renewed visual elements are claimed to be one of the main advantages for Mac admirers. Dashboard resembles security dashboard offering security tips and score, two-step/three-field login and other useful improvements. New version offers overwhelming design for desktop users.

Dashline 2.0

The version will be updated automatically without distracting users with sound notifications. In-application browsing and possibility to use applications on devices of any size represent improvements made for Android OS. Users will not find any gamification in new version.
These are functions offered to iOS users:

– Have access to personal data (banking accounts, passwords etc.)
– Send notes and login
– Edit any data in Dashboard account
– Off-line access to information
– Additional protection for your cellphone (PIN code)

However, Dashboard can’t be used for tracking purchases and receipts (though this function is available for iPad users); typing in password inside App Store or other applications; using in Safari.

Billguard for iOS

Billguard for us is a perfect choice for those who got used to controlling finances. Now iPhone users have wonderful opportunity to track so-called “grey purchases” and be connected to online credit card statements. Gray charges are presented by paying subscriptions, unnecessary automatic updates or misleading advertisements. In fact, we spend a lot of money for such services.Billguard was created to help people in tracking grey charges and saving money.

Billguard for iOS

The free of charge application will provide you with notifications every time the grey charges are viewed. Billguard for iOS monitors two debit or credit cards. Besides, users have possibility to order upgrade offering tracking of 10 cards. Though, this premium service will cost you $9,99.

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