Email and message marketing is a cornerstone of advertising methods for online businesses, whether large, small or startup. It is essential to find the right service that provides the best in features while being easy to use and low in cost. Of the many services that have been heralded over the years for what they offer, SendPulse has managed to carve a name for itself thanks in part to accolades from the respected The Next Web which made them a finalist in their 2016 pitch competition and declared them one of the best startups for the year as well.

However, does this mean that SendPulse is really one of the best email, SMS message, and web push notification sites available for online businesses? Let’s dive in and take a look.

What SendPulse Offers

SendPulse claims to be a viable alternative to the many distribution services for information that are found on the web. They offer packages that provide you with the ability to send out your emails, SMS, and web push notifications for a low cost. In fact, SendPulse offers packages that are very low in cost compared to their competition. But does this translate into being a better service? The answer thanks to the research indicates that SendPulse is indeed more than just an inexpensive place to market your business.

Email Personalization: One of the most important aspects of sending out bulk emails is personalizing them for each recipient. It was not long ago that such a task was virtually impossible to do on a timely basis. However, thanks to SendPulse’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, all emails that are sent will be personalized to the recipient.

In addition, the emails and messages are delivered in a way that optimizes their timing. This means that they arrive in to the recipient at a time when they are most likely to view the email, messages, or notifications. This allows for a greater chance to read and respond to what you send which in turn means higher profits. To learn more about their machine learning and AI capabilities, click here.

Single Platform: While others use different platforms that must be set up to send out emails, messages, and notifications, SendPulse has put all that into one platform to make it easy to use. This allows you to create content faster and keep everything in one place for greater efficiency. In addition, the platform itself is easy and intuitive to use so even beginners can create content in just a few minutes. See how it easy it is to create a new campaign in this short simple video.

Large Quotas for Bulk Distribution: Perhaps the feature that really separates SendPulse from everyone else is the large quota for their free plans in terms of email and SMTP services that deliver the goods with the fewest number of restrictions. Add to this the free web push notification and SendPulse becomes a great choice for new and established marketers to promote their sites.


When all things are considered, SendPulse has proven to be one of the best on the market today. It beats out the competition thanks to its combination of distribution services that are easy to use and maximize responses so that you earn more customers. To learn more about SendPulse and all its features, click here.