OLX, the free online classifieds web, has become one of the most important brand in this area. This company, which started in March 2006, has revolutionized the buying and selling service because you can find everything you need in this site. And you do not need to be an expert with computers, just a little intuitive. The procedure is very simple. It consists in sending a photograph of the product that you want to sell, writing an announcement, filling your personal details and logging in with your email. That is all. This service is used in over 105 countries and translated in 40 languages. In Asia, this company is one of the most popular in this field. OLX India has come to be  in the top 20 most visited sites in India.

OLX Application Smartphone

Download and Use OLX app for Smartphones and Tablets:

OLX LOGOSince the company started to work, they have not stopped investigating and trying to improve the service. A clear example is the mobile app which was launched recently by OLX.

It is designed to run on all kinds of operative system of Smartphones and Tablets. The application has a very good user interface and is easily navigable.

Of course, it is free. The OLX App download is very simple and quick.

You just have to look for it in Google Play or Apple Store  in your smart device and start to use at that moment.

One of the advantages of this app is that you stay connected people with just a finger touch.

Besides posting and replaying ads without any effort, it allows you to search local announcements –there is integrated a real map-.

It means that if you are in New Delhi and you want to buy a car, the application will let you know the seller who is nearest to do business.

Moreover, if you think that an ad could be interesting for some friends, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. So don´t lose time and download this application to make your life easier.

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