Blackberry is a company that is in a state of flux at the moment. Once a company that was renowned as being the market leaders in mobile communications, since the rise of the iPhone, and smart phones in general, Blackberry have been caught napping. All that’s set to change with the new Blackberry family meet the Q10 & Z10 range.

Blackberry was once to emails on the go what Google is to search engines. Businesses worldwide provided Blackberry devices to their executives in order to stay in touch with the office, and this was the case for many years. And it was a very successful business model. However, when Apple came along with its iPhone, they aimed to put the complete device into consumer hands. So now, for the first time, email, music, internet and general phone calls / sms were together, all in one device.


Blackberry was slow to react. Where companies like Samsung has quickly seen the future In a device that had hardly any physical buttons, and followed Apple with touchscreen only devices, the likes of Blackberry & Nokia decided to tow the line, and stick with their tried and tested methods of input – tactile buttons.

Nokia paid the price for this oversight faster than almost anyone. They went from being the No 1 manufacturer of mobile devices in the world, to an afterthought, quite rapidly. Blackberry, on the other hand, were not to feel the backlash from consumers quite so fast. They had built a reputation for quality devices, and a lot of their sales over the next few years were based on consumer loyalty and brand recognition.

Nokia even tried to come up with an answer to Blackberry, rather than Apple or Samsung, with the release of the E5 handset. You may have purchased a Nokia E5 which you would now rather sell than keep. It’s true, the E5 was like a budget model of the Blackberry before it.

Now, Blackberry are ready to fight back with their new range of phones, the Q10 & Z10 range.



The Q10 retains the tactile keyboard of the traditional Blackberry you know & love, but also introduces a large 3.1 Inch OLED screen, which is stunning. They’ve also continued to innovate, ensuring their much lauded Time Shift Mode is on board, so you can take the best pictures possible.

The Z10, on the other hand, is fully touch screen, looking more like a smart phone. However, Blackberry’s famous keyboard is still present, and improved upon, if that’s possible. The touch screen keyboard has a technology that learns from you as you type, leading the keyboard to make suggestions and corrections based on your writing style.

So, with the latest in the range, can Blackberry turn it around? It’s doubtful that they will ever be in a position of market leader as they once were, as there are just too many competitors at the moment. This is not to say they will go out of business, as there is plenty of room at the table.