With Google Tag Manager, which is a free solution for tag management, is warm welcomed especially by developers and designers.  Google ranking does not have any significance directly but it can contribute the rise and fall of your conversion rate.  It must be noted down that every second of shaving off at load time will impact on the trust in your site and reveals your corporate image.

Google Tag Manager


Why Does Google Care About Load Time?


An experiment which was done by Google with regards to load times shows that pages which displayed more than 10 results (i.e. 30 results) each had traffic to them drop an astounding twenty percent as compared to the present scenario.


In this way, we can analyze that if half of a second made that much of difference in how long users were willing to wait. Therefore, we conclude that mere a half second makes a lot of difference to your website conversion rate.


Marketer welcomed this move as it has streamlined the load process and enabled the business to new acme. Using Google Tag Manager, many companies around the globe have simplified their tagging process to enhance the page load time speed, trim implementation time, and increase profitability.


Why use Google Tag Manager?


Marketers use Google Tag Manager for their marketing campaigns because it is free and easy to use (an easy-to-use web interface), leaving more time (rather than forcing you or your IT department to write or rewrite site code) and money to spend.


Google Tag Manager – Empowers Agencies


Agencies can easily use Google Tag Manager to assist and manage their client’s tax through multi-account support and user permissions.


Google Tag Manager – Rule driven Approach


As per requisite Google Tag, Manager let to create rules and macros to collect the right information at the right time. This is specifically done when you need specific tags at specific times like your thanking you page clicked by the user to purchase.


Google Tag Manager – Plays Well With Others


Due to its adaptability with new marketing tools, Google Tag Manager supports non-Google and Google measurement and marketing tags and many inbuilt templates in no time.


Google Tag Manager – Information Technology Friendly


The designed Google Tag Manager is information technology friendly in every aspect as it is made keeping with marketers in the mind.  However, thanks to features like automated error checking, user permissions, and the Debug Console made the Google Tag Manager a loving solution for webmasters and IT Folks.


Google Tag Manager – Ease Testing


Due to unique preview and debugging mode it is easy to verify; whether the new tags are working properly or not. This enables the marketers to check tags themselves and this benefit the webmaster having had privileges from correction.


“Google Tag Manager, which is a free solution for tag management; you can put any tag code into it. The Google Tag Manager will load it asynchronously, which means it is not only reduce page load times but also it help marketers a lot. On top of that, Google Tag Manager also uses caching to prevent too many requests; again, this will improve load times. For more information about the code we have given below sample of it.”


As we know, we have different tag codes on our website that maximizes the website load time. For this, Google has provided a single code for all the tags, which are into the website to make the website runs faster without any time consuming factor. The code is simple and looks a bit like this:

< !– Google Tag Manager –>

< !– End Google Tag Manager –>