I loved Hummingbird Pro – until recently. Since upgrading WordPress to version 4.9.x, it has slowed my site right down.

I use Hummingbird Pro plugin because it is a one-stop shop for increasing performance and managing backups. I like its minification functions and deferred loading of scripts. With the Smush plugin, my images are just right.

All that was true until I upgraded my sites to 4.9.

How do I know?

It’s glaringly obvious and doesn’t take a genius to come to the conclusion.

I repeated performance tests with the plugin enabled, and disabled.

  • Left enabled, the average load time of a page was roughly 5 seconds.
  • Left disabled, the average load time of a page is roughly 1 second.

I repeated this test 30 times.

Go figure?

This is a plugin that is supposed to speed up WordPress. How irritating.

So it got me thinking – have you experienced any slow-down issues as a result of specific plugins on your WordPress site?

If you don’t routinely check performance then you’ve been warned.

After every upgrade, check the performance of your WordPress site.

I use a bulk-deactivate plugin to disable all my plugins (at a quiet time of the day) and then re-enable each, one by one, checking performance and function every time.

Has the performance of your site been hit as a result of an upgrade? Please share your experience by leaving a comment below.