With the declining tablet price in India, more and more people are being fascinated by the idea of owning one for them. Available across every mobile and gadget shops, tablets have become the talk of the town. You can even buy tablet online at best price in India. And, if you have already got one, then it’s time to indulge into the task of filling up with the best apps. The Google store gives access to more than 700,000 apps to its users. But not every app is categorized to serve the interface of a tablet. So following are the best and the must have Android Apps for tablet.

Top 10 Android Apps for Tablet

1) Chrome for Android

Chrome for Android is one of the fastest browsers available in comparison to all the browsers on other devices. Endowing you with options like history sync between devices, browsing with privacy, reading pages offline and effortlessly handy tabs, this app is the most satisfactory lead for all your browsing needs. A few devices come with pre-installed Google Chrome but for others it can be easily downloaded via the Google Play Store.

2) Instagram

Instagram is a multi functional and probably the most popular photo editing app in the mobile and tablet world. It not only lets you edit pictures but also click them, add effects and upload them on a platform wherein you are connected to your group of friends or other socially active people. It also you to post, share, make followers and follow various people across the globe. It can also be connected to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

 3) Android AVG antivirus

The very important app that should be included in every tablet is the Android AVG Antivirus. Your Android tablet needs protection eliminating the factor of vulnerability and bringing in protection from various viruses. AVG antivirus Pro is a reliable and trustworthy source for protecting your tablet against any functional harm or errors.

4) CNN

CNN is the most reputed and trustworthy source of getting news from all over the world. With the CNN app in your tablet, you can be connected to news, happenings and latest events around town and around the world very conveniently.  It is creatively smart and includes features like iReport and shortcut options.

5) Skype

Who does not want to be connected to friends and family staying away from them? Skype is the most popular and well accepted app by millions. It is reliable, smooth and has superior functions and performance with no hassles. It can also be used for transferring files, making phones calls via credit, instant messaging and 3G Skype calls.

6) Angry Birds

Everyone around is crazy about Angry birds! This game has given a new definition to the subtle gaming world of many. With increasing levels to feed pigs, you won’t be able to escape the heat of crossing every level with excellence. The app works superiorly on tablets and with bigger screen, the overall experience is just amazing.

7) Google Maps with Navigation

The Google Maps is a must have app in your tablet. Designed to fulfill your navigation needs, this app sets your way with directions and alternate routes to reach your destination faster. It comes with various instructions and also a voice assisting facility.
8) Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a delightful and highly efficient camera app which is used by many Android phone and tablet users. Designed for image or photo improvements, this app was generally meant for your desktops or laptops. But with advancing technology, now you can use all the features of this app on a tablet. Isn’t it just amazing? The functions of this app include cropping, resizing, flipping, rotating, adjusting colors, increasing or decreasing brightness, contrast, saturation and more. Now grab your tablet and start the editing on the go.

9) Kindle

If you love to read then this app is a delight for you. One of the top most Android tablet apps is Amazon Kindle. Making the experience of reading very modest and smooth, the Kindle is designed for profound readers. You just have to hold your tablet and you are pushed into a world of infinite books, blogs and articles. Holding a book and searching for light to read it under is an old school story now.  With Kindle you will experience a whole new world of knowledge and its charisma.

10) Netflix

Any weekend would be incomplete without watching a good movie. And what is your tablet allows you to watch latest, oldies or any type of movie at any time of the day. With the Netflix app on your tablet, you get access to the vast library of movies and you will never run out of option to watch one. It also facilitates its users with latest TV shows and their series.