Social media is an internet service that allows people to interact with each other. Almost all people are aware of the many available social media that they can use to get connected with their family and friends.

Using social media is not only for personal purposes. It also brings remarkable success into business. It can help all kind of businesses, from large to small company. It is used as a marketing tool to reach their target audience. But like any other marketing tool, using social media also has it advantages and disadvantages, here are some of them.

Good and Bad Sides of  Social Media Marketing

 Advantages of Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

FREE -The main advantage of using social media in marketing your business is cost-related. Everybody know that is is free for everyone. Almost all social media are free to access. One can easily create a profile and can immediately start posting information about their business. It is substantial for every business to reach their target audience with the little amount or no cash investment at all.

GEO-TARGETED -Reaching the correct audience for your business is important. And some of the social media like Facebook will help you achieve this goal. This kind of social media is “geo-targeted”, an easy way to give information to specific people.

REACH A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN SHORT TIME -It is possible with the use of social media to be known by a large number of people in a short period of time. If a person who read and like your article, your post or see some images that you promote, they have the capability to share it on their own network. They can possibly spread your information around the web.

FORMULATE STRATEGY THROUGH PEOPLE’S FEEDBACK -Because it is an easy marketing tool to reach your target audience, you can easily attract new customers for your business or you can also maintain a strong connection with your existing clients. People can give comments and feedback about your business and you can create or formulate a strategy or ways to improve your services more through those comments.

Disadvantages of Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

 TIME CONSUMING -Social media marketing and advertising takes time and effort. Updating your social accounts may be time consuming than you expect. You cannot give the task to a person or your staff who is not knowledgeable of your business. The cost in time spent means that the use of social media is not completely free.

INFORMATION/POST IS ONLY VISIBLE FOR A SHORT TIME  -You have to post and re-post information that you wanted to tell your audience because your post will only be visible to them for a short time because newer post will replace it.

BAD COMMENTS CAN GO VIRAL – The risk in using social media in marketing your company or product is that you don’t have a control on what they are going to say. There are times when you receive negative feedbacks or comments, the sad part is that these are not always removable. This can do harm and can give bad reputation to your business.

NEGATIVE INFLUENCE ON WORKER PRODUCTIVITY -Employees tend to waste valuable time using social media in their work. They might not focus on doing their task or work properly because they can access their personal social accounts. So, company should be wise enough to hire a person who will use their opportunity to access social media responsibly.

It is always up to the users on how to balance both sides and use this marketing tool effectively and correctly.


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