It is said that we use only a small percentage of our brain capacity and lung capacity and now it is believed that we also use a tiny percentage of our phone’s capacity. With our smartphones we text, e-mail, surf and sometimes do make calls..! Some of the cool features and thousands of apps are making our smartphones into almost everything.

Some of the features are:

However here are some of the things you all may not have known your smartphone is capable of doing, but actually they have the potential to do it. Some of them are as follows:

smartphone feature You Didn’t Know

1.  Turning it into Wi-Fi Hotspot:  Some phone allows you to create a Wi-Fi network. There are apps such as Wi-Fi hotspot, USB Tethering Lite and a FoxFi which can do this easily. However  in case of iPhone 4, 4S and 5, one can configure the settings of it to turn the mobile into a personal hotspot without the use of any app.

2.  Use the phone as remote control: There are some of the apps that can be downloaded from the app store that would tun the smartphone into a remote control device. Thus through the phone we would be able to control electronic gadgets like DVR, computer or a digital camera. In office we can use the smartphone as a remote for PowerPoint presentation or so.

3.  Scanner: There are thousands of scanning apps that can make you get rid off your scanning. No matter it’s a receipt, a business card or a barcode, whatever you want to scan just download a specific app for it. Some of these apps are like TurboScan, WorldCard and CardScan.

4.  Help you sleep sound: Many people blame phones for the lack of their sleep. Buzzing of the phone from incoming calls and text messages and wake you up the whole night. Well but there is a solution to it also. An app called the Sleep Time is perfect one for it. Before going to bed place it on the mattress. The accelerometer of the phone will detect your movement during night-time and will figure out your sleeping pattern. The alarm of the app will wake you up gently during the lightest part of the sleep cycle.

5.  Stop you drink driving: Some of the apps like iAlcohol and DrinkTracker will help you to calculate when it would be safe for you to start driving again after you have drunk. One can also buy a t shirt of the app brand too. It can also keep track of multiple sessions of drinking if your friends too want to be safe.

6.  Rescue You: Well there arises certain situations when you are trapped to situations in which you have to talk to those who you wish you weren’t. Apps like Fresher’s Week, Fake Me Out of Here are must for them. By shaking the phone a fake call will be activated on your phone and you can thus get out of the situation. Thus in this way the smartphone gets very handy.

7.  Monitoring the heart rate: Mobile phones are now becoming medical gadgets too.  They are wired to even detect blood chemicals. You can install apps like Instant Heart Rate and can use the smartphone to measure the pulse and calculate the heart rate of oneself. One can also measure the fat burning ability and can also check how quickly the heart rate recovers after a particular exercise. One can keep log of the heart rate to track it time to time in intervals. All the readings are very accurate and are reliable too.

8.  Track Others: Well this is something interesting. There are apps like Verizon Family Locator and Find My iPhone. These apps can check out the whereabouts of other smartphones using the GPS tracking system. They will send you alert if a particular phone will arrive or leave a particular location.

9.  Replacing the Wallet: Some people has a freak to carry fashionable handbags or wallets. While others download applications for it instead. There are applications that can store credit card information and some other banking informations. And if you have some discount coupons or payback points cards then there are apps that can store their information’s too. Some of the applications are like CardStar and PayPal Mobile.  Both the apps are free and easy to get downloaded.

Note: Thus here I presented some of the cool features that you might have not known about your smartphones. If you know some other features too then please write it in the comment box.

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