Technological advancements have seen a fast evolution in the world’s use of the internet. This has seen an increase in internet use. However, as much as others have taken this opportunity to use it in the right way, others have decided to take advantage of it and use it for purposes that are not in accordance with the law. These individuals are specifically technological experts who have decided to use this opportunity to gain illegal access of information through hacking.


In relation to this, technological experts have sought to come up with some measures and resources that will help curb the issue of online hacking attacks. This has been due to the increasing breach of privacy terms and conditions leaving internet users at a risk of facing a hacking attack and especially on their private information.

One bug resource system that has been developed is a modification setting that has been developed so as to give no room for the manipulation and modification of personal information that is shared out on the internet. This is a setting that has been developed so as ensure that only users of a particular platform such as Facebook and MySpace can change their settings and not external people. This is a resource that has enabled personal information to be concealed and not easily accessible by other people.

Another resource that has come into implementation is through the formulation of some user privacy agreements and policies. These are policies that are meant to offer protection to users of such social media. Through accepting the agreement, an individual is assured that no one can illegally gain access to your information. Anyone who breaks this agreement is liable to face some stern and strict measures that can even lead to a possible prosecution or blocking from enjoying some of the most common internet features.


Another resource has been through the development and deployment of undercover law enforcers who survey the whole network to survey and check for any fishy activities. This has seen the joining in of the FBI to help in fighting the menace of online hacking and especially on my space and Facebook. They can monitor all activities taking place and can take affirmative action in case they detect some activity that can lead to a possible hack. They have been able to achieve total and proper monitoring of these avenues through close cooperation with other high tech persons who can also identify any malfunctions in the whole system. This has really brought into control individuals who are effortlessly trying to access other people’s information through online hacking attacks.

As a matter of fact, the development and implementation of these resources has been in a move to try and protect users from cases of possible hacking and illegal information access. With the use of these systems, internet users have some assurance on their safety as they browse across various platforms on the internet including MySpace and Facebook.

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