In the past few years, Google has released several algorithm updates. In January 2012, Google update made an impact on the websites ranking, but the majority of people did not notice it. It was a ‘page layout algorithm improvement.’ Before this, in February 2011, SEO changed for many website owners and webmasters because of Google’s new update called ‘Panda.’ This update increased the ranking of high quality sites and decreased the lower quality sites. One more update was released in April 2012. This time Google introduced an update called ‘Penguin’. Penguin update was released to lower or remove the sites, which were using black-hat SEO techniques to increase their ranking falsely. All these Google updates push many SEO practitioners in trouble, because they have to start everything again from scratch and follow the new Google algorithm. In this article, we’ll mention about some of the effective search engine optimization tactics, which should be done after Panda and Penguin updates to get good ranking.



Content – King Of SEO
Google looks at ‘Content’ as a major aspect. It means, poor content with repetitive keywords and links is no more acceptable. Only quality and informative content will be preferred and will be ranked high in search engine.

Stop Bulk Internal Linking

There are SEO practitioners who assume that it is good to have lots of internal linking but that’s not right. Giving hundreds of links with a similar anchor could be a waste of time, they are at least doubtful and could be easily treated as spam.

Take Care Of Backlinks

It is really important to get relevant backlinks. It is useful Google marketing strategy to get huge backlinks, however, always mind that irrelevant backlink is a crime. Always avoid gray hat or black hat SEO. All SEO practitioners should avert irrelevant and unnecessary backlinks; they must concentrate on strengthening a genuine online community through which they can share their links.

Authentic Titles

The title of every webpage should make sense. Do not make overuse of phrases and keywords in title. The title should be made to attract real visitor and not just for getting ranked in search engine.

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Peter Rise is a blogger and a SEO specialist who writes for, a thriving digital marketing and website development agency based in Philadelphia.