Comm100 Live Chat is a professional live support tool for businesses which has a plugin for WordPress sites. Comm100 Live Chat enables you to monitor, track and interact with your website or blog visitors in real time, so you can have visitors’ questions answered instantly and improve the user experience of your website or blog.

Key Features of Comm100 Live Chat

Online Chatting

With Comm100 Live Chat, you can have an online chat with your website visitors either reactively or proactively. There are some tools for you to improve the chat experience or efficiency. For example, canned messages enable you to quickly give an accurate answer to frequently asked questions; typing indicator empowers you to preview what a visitor is typing, which means you can start replying before the visitor hits “Send”; File transfer gives you and visitors the ability to exchange documents or images, so that your communication can be more productive.

Comm100 Live Chat Online Chatting

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Visitor Tracking & Monitoring

Comm100 Live Chat allows you to see detailed information about your website visitors, including where they come from, how they find you, which pages they are currently viewing, how long they have stayed and many more. Based on this information, you can better understand the visitors’ interests and needs, so as to deliver a more personalized and targeted chat experience.

Easy to Set up & Use

As a WordPress plugin, Comm100 Live Chat makes it really easy for you to set up the live chat functionality on your WordPress site. Simply get the plugin installed; and you are ready to engage your visitors in real time. No coding work is needed. All the operations can be done right inside your WordPress admin panel. You won’t need to switch between websites all the time.

 Fully Customizable

 Comm100 Live Chat provides a series of well-designed chat widget templates for you to choose from and also gives you the option to tailor them to your own branding or style. You can set up multiple live chat plans and fully customize them to match different parts of your site or even multiple sites within one account.

 Mobile Friendly

Comm100 Live Chat offers easy-to-use mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and blackberry phones, making it possible for you to keep online while on the go. The visitor side chat window is also mobile friendly, which means your mobile visitors will see a chat window well fitted into their mobile screens, in both size and layout. No more pinch-to-zooms.

Comm100 Live Chat Mobile Friendly

Get Started with Comm100 Live Chat in WordPress

  1. Log into the admin panel of your WordPress site, go to the Plugins menu and click ‘Add New’.
  2. Search for ‘Comm100 Live Chat’, click ‘Install Now’ and then activate it. You’ll see Comm100 Live Chat appear in your plugin list.
  3. Click ‘Settings’ to set up your Comm100 account. After the account is set up successfully, a chat button will appear on your site.
  4. Click ‘Get online and chat with your visitors’; you will be logged into the operator console. And your visitors can click on the chat button to start a chat with you.

You can download the latest version of Comm100 Live Chat here: