Money or Respect? When asked this question what do people usually choose? There is no unanimous answer to this question; some will choose money saying the key to earning respect is earning a lot of money. There are others who will choose the latter saying respect is more important, more soul-satisfying and often followed by financial gains.

Psychological scientists at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, published a research in the journal of Psychological Science that made a case for respect and admiration contributing more to the overall happiness of people than the contents of their bank account.

This research clearly suggests that respect is critical for experiencing happiness and well-being. Financial success alone doesn’t guarantee the same.

Now, let’s tweak the question a little: Should you blog for money or respect?

Blogging for Money or Respect

This question will again bring a mixed bag of results. Many will even say, why pick one, why not aim for both?

True. But earning the respect of your readers and monetizing your blog is not an easy task. You need to make consistent efforts to gain their respect; this respect can then be leveraged to earn money through your blog.

A Word about Blogging

Blogging is an innovative way of publishing content on the web. It empowers you to reach billions of people that use the Internet. Blogs are free for the audience and open to the public; so it is an act of giving. It works as a method for attracting an audience because it provides something of value to them, and there is no quid pro quo.

People write about different things; some love business blogging, some bloggers cover technology, some share their travel experiences, and there are those who use their blogs to write thought leadership articles.

The idea is to create a blog that offers value driven content to its intended readers; this helps attract an audience and you can, eventually over a period of time, convert a section of this audience into your friends, partners or customers. Quick Laptop Cash, for instance, offers highly relevant and informative articles that provide useful information about laptops and the company’s core services. This not only improves business credibility but also helps them gain customers.

Starting a blog is an exciting venture. However, you should not start a blog to make money. In fact it’s easy to start a blog, but in order to monetize the blog you need to have huge amounts of traffic coming to your blog. For this to happen, you need to build up a significant reader base that looks forward to reading your posts. This won’t happen in a hurry and will involve a lot of effort.

The Business of Earning Respect through your Blog

To boost blog readership, it is important to build personal credibility; you must establish your position as an expert in a niche, which will lead people to take notice of what you write. So, start a niche focused blog that becomes a platform to showcase your niche expertise.

Once you have selected the niche you want to concentrate on, produce high quality content on very specific topics related to that niche. Choose a blog topic that you are comfortable writing about and which displays your knowledge about that topic; as you keep writing about such topics in your niche, your blog will develop a reputation as a source of authoritative information.

For instance, if you are talking about ‘Web development’ or ‘Cloud Computing’ you need to come up with useful, factual, real-time, solutions-driven content on the topic and which is something that your target readers are looking for. If your blog post does not provide them with relevant information, they will quit your blog immediately.

If you post poorly written uninteresting information, it is highly unlikely that they will listen to what you have to say and worse may even unsubscribe from your blog.

Respect from your readers will follow when they realize that you’re providing original, interesting, and consistent content.

A publishing schedule will help you push out relevant content regularly; this regularity is important because it helps you keep hold of your reader’s attention. Remember, people will look forward to reading new posts on your blog; you will need to keep delivering on their expectations.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was a blog with a solid reputation. So don’t expect quick results, but results will come if you make the necessary effort.

How to make money from your blog?

The ultimate key to a successful blog is to give your visitors what they want.

To make money from your blog, the first step is establishing yourself as a popular, influential person in your niche; the person that everybody looks up to for advice, if they are looking for solutions to their problems (we’ve already discussed how you can go about becoming this person, in the first section of this article). Once you are recognized as a thought leader, there are tons of ways you can earn money from your blog.

Millions of bloggers around the Globe make money through their blogs. If you have a blog and have got good traffic coming to your blog, you can apply to Google AdSense. Once approved by Google, you will see ads on your blog pages, based on the blog posts you write. If a user clicks on these Ads, you will have some money coming to you.

Apart from such ads, there are many indirect methods for earning money through your blog – these are methods where a blogger earns an income by leveraging their highly credible reputation as a blogger.

Let’s explore these methods:

  • Professional Speaker: Blogging may offer you speaking opportunities at conferences, workshops and seminars related to your niche (your blog has made you a bona-fide expert on certain topics in your niche).
  • Consulting: When you are perceived as an expert on a topic, you will find that people naturally come to you for advice. So, you can make money by opening a consultancy business.
  • Business Blogging: There are businesses that are looking for established or influential bloggers for their business. You could earn money by writing for such businesses.
  • Book Deals: Once you are established in your field, you will find publishers coming to you for book deals (you already have a readymade audience out there who’s reading your blog and will definitely buy your book as well).
  • Selling resources: You can leverage the expertise you have in an area by putting together your own ‘e-products’ such as e-books, tele-seminars, courses etc. and sell them to your readers.

If you’re planning to use some of these indirect ways of making money because of your blog, it’s important that you think seriously about building your own profile and credibility as a blogger.

Bottom Line:

Whether you’re doing it to make money or to gain respect in your community, blogging gives you a chance to broadcast your ideas to the world. So, go and embrace this communication platform!