As one of the most talked about concepts in the various industries across the world, DevOps has made a name for itself as a system/philosophy. It involves the combining of the development and operations departments in any given company in order to streamline work processes and maximise efficiency.

Many companies use specialist firms like Sogeti to help them implement DevOps practices, as it does entail making fairly significant changes to the way they are structured. Here are some of the advantages DevOps can bring to technology companies.

Faster Product Creation

Perhaps one of the main advantages of adopting DevOps is the way it speeds up the creation and development process, so that products can be released to the market in a remarkably short period of time (compared to those companies which do not use DevOps).

This means that new technology can be developed at a much faster rate, giving the company developing it much more fluidity and flexibility when it comes to marketing and selling it. With more products being released and sold, the company can then grow and expand at a faster rate.

Team Cohesion

Another major benefit which DevOps brings to companies is the gluing together of two major departments. With development and operations working in synchronisation, both previously separate teams can communicate with the other far easier as one integrated unit.

The collaborative nature of DevOps fosters a productive environment, and also allows staff to learn from each other. This makes the staff themselves even more valuable to the company, and increases the chances of successfully developing technology/software without encountering time consuming problems along the way.


Implementing DevOps also gives companies a good chance of becoming more sustainable in relation to their processes and adaptability. With a positive work environment and rewarding culture, staff retention levels are likely to go up, especially if the company rewards them generously.

This means that they can constantly grow their knowledge, and with the right training can continue to help the company they work for to prosper in the long term. In the technology industry, the rate of change is rapid, so it certainly helps to have a team of experts developing products in a cohesive and effective manner.

DevOps practices will no doubt be commonplace in the years to come, as various companies around the world discover the major advantages they offer. Although it can take time to fully implement DevOps into company structure, the results can be truly astounding. It can streamline the entire production/creation process and stimulate greater levels of cooperation between the different departments of the company. The earlier companies adopt it, the greater their potential to grow.