Videographers and professional animators know the need for a good editing software. Whether it is used in making short clips or covering a larger project with multiple frames and scenes, editing it a huge part of the profession. It does not only relate to arranging a sequence or providing flow to a piece of film, but also adds transition methods, color correction, subtitles and even graphics. For you to be able to make the right video, the perfect editing software needs to be used.

There are many advantages of using a professional software. But the benefits of using a paid one are greater, and lesser acknowledged. Final Cut Pro is one such example of an editor that goes far and beyond its expectations.

A Brief Background

The first edition for Final Cut Pro was released in 2011 by Apple as part of a new series. Today, most professionals use the latest model called Final Cut Pro X. The software is marketed as professional and non-linear, with many distinct features from its predecessor. It is believed the software is a mere upgrade of iMovie, a pre-installed application found in all Apple devices. The editor uses a sorted and updated interface that follows a simple design philosophy. It has also supported new technical advances that were rewritten for better performance. As of 2018, more than 2.5 million users use Final Cut Pro X to edit their videos.

Why You Should Use Final Cut Pro?

For users that prefer to work with Mac computers, this is a great tool to take advantage of. The app is a professional editor and its functionality is adapted to smooth and quick editing and formatting. The following are a few of the advantages that come with using Final Cut Pro.

Titles in 2D and 3D

The software has a range of templates to choose from when it comes to motion graphics. The best use of its function is the effects and filters it provides. You can use these to to make a video that has an effective storyline, and will leave a lasting impact on the viewer.

Fantastic Sound

Audio editing is built into Final Cut’s code and this is easier for more editors since they will not have to download a separate system just for modifying audio clips. The tools remove background noise, and optimize those you prefer.

Easy Transfer

Transferring your projects has been made easier with Final Cut. If you have a project that is undergoing development and thus needs to make several stops before gaining final approval, then you can easily send and receive and make any alternations required.

Organized Structure

The video and audio assets present in the software are carefully organized to help the editing process become more efficient. Since users can quickly pull up any clip portions, or even full clips, this moves along the flow of their work with more speed.

A One Time Investment

The pricing of the editor is around $300 dollars, which is quite a hefty cost to edit videos. Even though users may hesitate at spending this much money, professionals are aware that this is a one-time investment.  When you purchase the app and understand the multitudes of its functions, the price will speak for itself. This will thus show evidently in your final results.

Qualification for Work

Becoming an expert at using the editing software makes you eligible for better job openings. Since production companies seldom look for entry level videographers and animators, being able to master the complexity of Final Cut Pro will definitely make you a suitable candidate. Most media houses today use the software exclusively so it is a good skill to keep under your belt.

Immersive VR Handling

VR videos can be created on a grand scale to give an immersive experience. With a 360 degree viewer that showcases all angles of a clip, there can be quick changes made to anything using simple and easy tools. Applying some extra effects, such as texts and graphics, is also possible in the VR scope of the app.

Seamless Editing Experience

The editing that you will be able to accomplish using Final Cut will not only be professional, but also seamless. You can trim videos without having interference with movements. You can also add identification methods such as color coding to make content stand out. With its powerful architecture, all your functions will run smoothly.

Excellent Customer Support

The access to Apple’s customer support is a great advantage when using the application, because they are always available for advice. Furthermore, there are plenty of forums present with friendly user bases that are there to help ion the event of any issue.


Final Cut Pro is a fantastic application to keep in your skillset if you are looking to make professional videos and enhance your portfolio. Not only does it come with top features that make the workflow smooth and simple, but it also makes sure that your investment is put to good use to give you more advanced results.

Sarah Jay is a creative content writer. She is interested in digital marketing, logo designing, new tech, and trends. Most of her work is about the topics related to professional logos, video animation Australia, and illustrations. She is truly committed to her work and loves to travel in her free time.