Commenting on posts is an excellent way to establish relationships in the online world. Readers and bloggers will be able to notice you easily. In the long run, this may open the door to friendly relationships, guest blog posting opportunities and even new business connections.

Additionally, you will be able to get useful backlinks for SEO optimization, resulting in higher traffic generation for your website.

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Want to know how to get more people to comment? Here are some ways of how you can get readers to express their opinions.


Make Commenting Hassle-Free

Lets take it a little personal from here. Every week I post comments in a number of blogs that I read. However, there is this one thing that hinders me to do so, even if the post is begging for a thoughtful comment. What I am referring to here are those blogs that require that you login before posting anything.

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I understand the reason behind the need to register, which is mainly to avoid scam. But whenever I see that registration is required, I tend to leave most of the time without posting my comment. Having readers register is like putting a barricade, which only a few are going to push through. Make your comments section as plain and as hassle-free as possible.


Practice Being Gracious

It is inevitable that a blogger commits a grammatical or a spelling error. It may also be caused by the crux of your agreement with some other features of blogging. Being gracious to comments left by your readers means that you admit your mistakes. If this is true, people feel secure and are more likely to leave comments.


Throw Questions

Putting questions in headings is superbly effective in drawing responses from readers through commenting. The questions you have included make them think of answers even from the very first few lines of your post.


Give Rewards

You can reward those who have left comments by replying. You may also provide them credit in your other posts. By doing this, you are affirming your readers’ presence and attracting more people to make use of your comments section.

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Respond and Communicate

You should be willing to utilize your own comments section, so that readers will utilize it willingly as well. Respond to the comments provided so that they will feel that their comments were paid attention by the author of the blog. Moreover, it promotes interaction among other readers and the author. It also shows readers that you value readers’ opinions. Replying to comments becomes tougher as your blog expands. However, you should make your responses especially during the first few days of your blog going live. After this period of time, you can already become less active, because readers will begin to manage the comments section, themselves creating a community. Keep in mind that comment threads should not be taken lightly and that you need to pay a lot of attention to it.


Do Not Give It All

Do not tell everything to your readers regarding the topic you have posted. However, you should also not let your readers feel that they have wasted their time reading your post that lacks information. Balance these two and create open-ended posts instead, so that readers can voice out their comments and additional inputs about your topic.


Promote Responsive Action

Create a post that is useful for your readers because they want to take action. When you wish to attract more comments, it is your obligation to promote responsive action from your readers.

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