There are so many features and benefits that come along with phones these days that it can be quite hard to choose between them. So to help you out, we are going to be going over 7 major aspects of Android and iOS systems. For those of you who might not know what that means, Androids are phones operating systems made by Google, while iOS are made by Apple. Over the years they have both evolved and been upgraded by a good amount, so either phone can be a great purchase. It all just depends on your preferences, so let’s get started.

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Android and iOS

Google Users

Google has taken over a majority of the world, so when they come out with a phone, of coarse there will be applications made specifically for Google users. If you are using Gmail, Google voice, G+ social network, and any other Google programs, you will probably want to get an android. Android Makes it extremely easy to use those programs on their phone, unlike iOS, where you will be unable to do a lot of things. For example, iOS won’t let you use your Google voice number as your main number. It makes sense since iOS is Apple and they are competitors, but just an aspect that you should be fully aware of.


While the screens have been continuing to be upgraded by both companies, there are still a few differences that can be seen. Android phones are still slightly larger and have a higher resolution than iOS phones do. This can be a benefit as well as a drawback for Android. While some people are all about having a bigger, better screen, others are looking for a smaller version that allows them to be more mobile. A big argument is that if you wanted to get a larger device for media and internet, then buying a tablet or net book is your best bet, instead of going with a large phone. So this aspect of the phones can go either way, it is your preference.

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Applications are going to be another tie due to your preferences. Since they are different companies, you will find a wide variety of different applications on both sides. The very popular applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and others, will be found on both types of phones. So it comes down to the other less popular applications. Android does see a lot more applications, but iOS still has a great amount of all types. If you have certain applications that you consider to be a necessity, you might want to check which platform has it before you buy the phone.

Keyboard Typing

Although Apple has been trying to implement some type of way to make it easier to type, Android has perfected the swipe tool. Swipe allows you to type by just moving your finger on the touchpad without need to lift it. The way you move your finger determines what word you are trying to type. It has proven to be very helpful and can save you plenty of time. Like all prediction applications, you will have to get used to it to make it work effectively. Android wins the battle of typing, but that is not to say iOS isn’t going to come out with some amazing program in the future. You may not even like using prediction programs, but if you do, this is a major difference.

Battery Life

iOS and Android have been put to the test and the results have been back and forth over the years. While Android was known for having more juice in their batteries and less power consuming technology, iOS started to make big moves in the right direction. In today’s day and age it is impossible to gauge how fast your battery life is going to be since there are too many factors involved. How many apps do you have running, battery maintenance, usage, and plenty more. While many of us would love to try and use battery life in our comparison, it is all about how we each use the phone and what we do to save its energy. If you spend the majority of your day play games and watching YouTube, then you should expect your phone’s battery will be drained quite fast compared to someone who only uses it for calls and mild research.


Most people prefer to just take pictures with their phones nowadays instead of getting a real point and shoot camera. So, this can be a very legitimate consideration for you to go over. Smart phones are starting to take pictures that are the same quality or sometimes even better quality than a lot of the low end point and shoot cameras out there. So it is important to check and see which has a better camera if that is something you will be using a lot.

While the camera itself isn’t a part of the Android system or the iOS, it can play a big part in applications within those systems. So, it doesn’t matter which phone you are looking into, make sure that your camera is something that you will be happy with and that the operating system can handle all of your needs once the photos and videos are taken.

Beauty & Cleanliness

iOS has been known to be much more elegant, user friendly, and overall better looking than Android. While this aspect might not be an important one, it should still be considered. With Android you will need to do a lot of program and application cleaning to get rid of stuff you don’t need, while in iOS, you will only have a few useful apps automatically installed.

Overall, it comes down to your preferences and what you are looking for in your phone. While you may not care about a lot of these aspects, they are just something to remember when you are making your final decision on which phone to buy for yourself.