Have you ever thought about merging your PDF documents? You have articles from different sources that you would like to compile into a single e-book. Or, you have several PDF ebooks that you want to merge for easy reading to prevent you from having to click one by one to view the content. Merging PDF is easy, and you can do this with a PDF merging tool. The following are 6 ways to merge PDF documents. 

Online PDF Editor

There are also online PDF editor tools that you can use to merge your PDF documents. The problem with the online tool is that it can be hard to upload your PDF, especially if you have a lot of PDF to merge and they are all large. Usually, online PDF editor has limitations on upload limit such as the number of pages, total PDF documents size, and several tasks per hour.

The merged PDF document will need to be downloaded back to your computer. You cannot delay in downloading it because it will soon be deleted in a short timeframe like 2 hours. Using the online PDF editor is not a good option if you are in a place where internet connection is not good. Some of the best online PDF merge tools are Small PDF, and PDF Merge.

Desktop PDF Editor

If you want to edit the PDF, you need to get the desktop PDF editor software like Movavi PDF Editor. You have the option to download the PDF editor software for free or buy it. The free version comes with limitations such as watermark, slow performance and limited features accessibility.

With the paid PDF editor software, it will be easy to merge your documents at any time you want. Load the PDF document or image files into the software and click the merge button to merge all into a single PDF. With the desktop PDF joiner, you can also easily rearrange the files on a drag and drop surface with your mouse.

Merge PDF Documents on Android PDF Editor App

There are also Android apps that allow you to merge PDF documents. If you choose to merge the PDF on your Android PDF editor app, you must make sure your phone has enough storage space to store all the PDF documents you want to merge. The size of the merged PDF will be the same as the total of the size of all the PDF documents. Your phone also must have space to install the PDF editor app.

The android app may have certain limitations; for example, you can only select PDF from a single folder. Free merge PDF android app may take longer than the desktop version to merge files because the phone has a slower processor. For example, it can 1 hour compared to just a few minutes on a desktop when you are merging a lot of files. While the file is merging, you also cannot use the phone. 

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro, the extended version of the Adobe Reader, can be used to merge PDF documents. In Adobe Acrobat Pro, you must go to File > Create > Combine Files into a Single PDF… In the Combine Files dialogue box, you must click on the Add Files drop-down menu and select either Add Files or Add Folders. You can choose Add Files if you want to add individual PDF files.

You can choose Add Folders if you want to add multiple folders that contain PDF files. You can click on the move up/move down button to rearrange the PDF files. If you’re going to include specific pages in the PDF, you can click the Choose Pages button and select the pages you want to include. If you want to delete a PDF, you can click on the Remove button to remove it. Adobe Acrobat Pro can open a variety of files including Microsoft Office Word, Text, image files, PDF and HTML webpages.

Install Merge PDF Extension

Another method is to install a merge PDF extension like PDF Merge Files on your browser. You must have the internet to use the merge PDF extension on your browser. If you are using Chrome, you can go to the Chrome web store to find and install a merge PDF extension. If you are using Firefox, click on the three-line button on your browser toolbar and type merge pdf in the search box.

It will take you to the add-ons page where you can choose from a variety of PDF editor extensions for merging PDF. You must have an internet connection when launching the merge PDF extension. With PDF editor extension, you can merge unlimited PDF. The downside is that your browser can hang if you keep using it to merge your PDF files.

Merge PDF on Google Drive

If your PDF files are on Google Drive, you can combine them into a single PDF with an online PDF service. There are lots of online PDF service that let you merge PDF on Google Drive such as PDF Merge and Split and PDF Mergy. You must install the PDF merge app in the G Suite Marketplace.

Once you have installed the app, the option will appear on your Google Drive. You must select the documents you want to merge on your Google Drive. Next, you right click your mouse and select the PDF online service you want to use to merge your documents. The downside is that you may get prompts on upgrading to the paid version when you keep using the free PDF tool to merge your PDF documents.