Are you a regular or a one-time project writer? Despite the category you fall into, it’s normal to get a bit overwhelmed by the different processes that you’ll need to follow to produce a quality and high standard article. Even so, getting the best tool for the job makes it quite enjoyable. As a writer, you’ll need to choose the right tool. Here, there are a lot of online tools and apps that help you go through the process.

However, examining all these tools to get the most suitable may take quite some time, that’s why we’ve come up with a list of some of the best. Before we have a look at them, let’s first highlight some of their advantages.

Why Should You Use WordPress Writing Content Tools?

Looking for amazing content

To Create Original Content

Original posts improve your ranking on Google and attract enough traffic to your website. Using some of these online tools, you can quickly get fresh topics to talk about. They search and find the ideas that suit your specific tastes and writing qualifications. In doing so, they ensure that you reward your audience with new posts all the time!

To Come Up With Strong Headlines

A good title attracts readers to your blog. Research even shows that around 80% of people will read your headlines, but only 20% will go on and read your post. So, coming up with an intriguing headline is crucial to your writing success. Fortunately, by using some amazing online WordPress writing tools, you can quickly create attractive headlines that also rank high on Google.

To Write Actionable Content

Do you want to engage the creative minds of your audience? By using some of these impressive online writing tools, you can discuss them with other writers and improve on different areas. Through this, you’ll learn how to write captivating content by following the advice of experienced bloggers.

To Create Content That Provides Answers

People search for information that answers their different questions. So, as a writer, you should take time to look for niche topics. Of course, this is one of the hardest stages of writing. Luckily, with the help of these tools, you can quickly get the topics that answer the questions of your audience.

Using these tools, you can put together captivating content that gets a lot of internet traffic. In an environment where everyone is generating different material, these tools will help you to think out of the box uniquely.

Here are some of these online apps:

6 Best Tools to Streamline Your WordPress Writing Content

1.     Evernote


A majority of people consider Evernote as the best tool when it comes to tracking your notes. By seamlessly integrating into different platforms, it allows you to organize and share content gotten from the internet. With this fantastic app, you can keep track of all your ideas and even create a suitable editorial calendar. It’s also important to mention that you can access it using on your desktop computer, smartphone and tablet.

It has a live chat feature that allows you to discuss the project with other writers while still viewing the same document. This means that you won’t have to keep switching between two windows. It also gives you the option of choosing who can read and adjust your post.

Its free version is fantastic for all individuals. However, if you want to use it as a collaborative online work tool, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid business or premium versions. Here, you’ll get the chance to access all your notes while offline and also to designate a centralized and suitable administrator.

2.     Workflowy


Here is another fantastic app that can quickly transform your writing. It offers flexible structuring by allowing you to come up with your hierarchies as well as adding tags. If you like including bullets and lists, then get this app. It’s not only simple to use but also incredibly powerful!

Here, you can just zoom in on a list by just clicking on the corresponding bullet point. If you hover over the bullet point, you’ll get options to add a note to, complete, duplicate, export and delete the item. It’s recommended that you use the full function as it ticks off parts of your outline as you write them.

3.     Curata

We all know an essential step in writing fantastic content is getting just the right kind of information. So, instead of coming up with excellent content and ensuring that it’s shared and posted, you can also get excellent content from other writers. Curata helps businesses in content curation by continually searching for relevant information on the internet.

Eventually, this amazing online writing tool knows your tastes and adjusts its curation process accordingly. It also allows companies to collect and share information directly from its website!

4.     WordPress Editorial Calendar

Creating a Calendar


It’s common for publications to use editorial calendars in planning their publishing schedules. With the WordPress Editorial Calendar, you can make an editorial calendar all on your own, and its plugin makes organizing content quite easy. The calendar offers an overview of all articles including their dates. You can change this by just dragging and dropping a project to another time. Once you start using it, you’ll realize that it’s quite helpful when different authors begin posting content.

5.     Trello

Here is another excellent online tool that helps you in organizing your project into boards by using beautiful cards. It shows you the plans being written, who’s writing what, and its current state. Trello is entirely free and is perfect when it comes to sharing ideas and working with other team members. It does this by collecting votes on individual cards to have a clear picture of the content ideas to write first.

Trello is one of the best and free tools on this list. Even so, if you want additional features, you can upgrade and get a calendar and voting tool. If you’re running a company, it’s better to choose the “Business Class” version. It allows, you to see everyone’s boards, in Google account integration and is good for additional security.

6.     Google Analytics


If you already have a blog, then maybe you’ve already started using Google Analytics. The online tool tracks your sites visits and adjusts all your search engine marketing processes. It’s impressive when it comes to creating compelling and efficient content marketing strategies to improve your online visibility.

It lists the best referring search phrases, and you can use these terms to attract more traffic to your website. Using such insights, you can optimize the content you post accordingly and get the best results.


Using these impressive tools, you can quickly streamline your writing experience. They help you in finding unique ways to communicate and engage with your audience. Keep in mind that with the growth of the internet, a majority of people are now looking for resources online. Be it looking for information on how to file a tax return to learning how to make money online, the internet has become the go-to information source for its billions of users. Organizing your writing process will make your content stand out from the rest.

So, identify the area that you need to improve on and pick the best tool to use from this list. They are awesome online resources that might be just what you need to take your writing career to greater heights.

Author Bio: Christina Battons is a creative writer and content strategist who researches and writes content about self-education, writing, motivation, professional development on behalf of Sigmaessays. As a trained writer, I love discovering new ways to use my writing as a tool to further knowledge sharing. You can connect with me through Twitter, Facebook or G+. I’ll be happy to hear you, just drop me a line!