Blogs are powerful marketing tools if they are effective, they are as easy as Write My Paper 123. For a blog to be effective it has to be popular, so that it can create a personal brand which is the image of a company. There are different components of a blog of which some components make the blog content success by frequency and distribution.

Here are 5 tips on how to make your blog popular

  1. Give your blog a voice or personality

For a blog to be effective it has to pass a voice which shines through the blog. If a blog does not have a personality it is hard to attract visitors and even harder to maintain them. There are multitudes of blogs, online some with great well-researched information but they lack a personality. Your blog should have a voice and a unique personality.

  1. Be consistent

Just because you are in control of your blog you are not doing it for yourself you are doing it for the readers. Readers need to know when to expect new posts because some like following what is happening. Consider it more like a newspaper the delivery done every day almost the same time. Meaning at that time you are always ready to read the newspaper. If the delivery of the paper is done whenever they feel like some days you would go without looking at it because you have gathered information about the news from other sources. Make your readers follow your routine when it comes to reading your content. If they are not sure when you will post they will quickly forget and move on to other blogs.

  1. KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)

Just because writing long blog post is the thing, doesn’t mean that you have to do that without any purpose. The blog doesn’t need to be long, but it is a must it remains interesting. You can have a short blog which most people would read past the first paragraph or a long one keeping readers tagged to read to the end. Interesting is the keyword. However, if you have something to discuss at length you can go for the long blog, the length of the blog should not be a determinant of the quality but rather the topic and the blog content should be the main determinant.

  1. User engagement

Your blog should allow for comments from readers and visitors. Comments are good though sometimes they can be tough if you do not monitor and they do not have to be positive always. Good or bad, comments mean that people are engaging with your content. Without comments, you will have no idea how well to engage your readers or what your readers expect from your blog. Research from similar blogs and check out the comments they get. This will help you create trending and relevant blogs in your specific industry. It will also increase your credibility among other blogs.

  1. Develop a catchy title

Like everything else, it is in the first impression, in this case, the title. The title will make a reader click and open the whole blog to read. Capture the attention of the reader and don’t lose the search engine. A title with 10 or fewer words is ideal and it attracts a potential visitor. However, short, there are a few things it should accomplish, it should be interesting, short, clear, contain targeted keywords and actionable.

Blogging should be done the right way because it represents you even when you are not there to explain yourself. A blog should always be self-explanatory, the right design, content, and elements. It should be professionally maintained not always looking like a newbie’s blog and attractive. If need be, redesign your blog because it is an important tool for your business.