The key to a successful SEO program is, to stop thinking about what pleases Google and start focusing on what will please the targeted users. If the users are happy, Google will follow naturally.


Similarly, when we are creating content around SEO, the focus must be on satisfying the user intent, “matching their search query and providing useful information”.


If the content is right, you have created a solid foundation for supporting all the other SEO efforts.


In this article, we will discuss about a variety of content types that work best for SEO, and how to customize these or use them in unique ways.


Blog posting:

This is one of the most commonly known content formats that support the overall SEO efforts. A competitive blog needs to meet different aspects of online marketing techniques, but at its core is to publish compelling and engaging content consistently over time. For example: ranks for keywords like “best SEO techniques” on first result page of Google.



There is a love-hate relationship with infographics in the marketing industry. If it’s really well prepared and executed, infographics can be the most effective ways of conveying complex information in easy format. The problem however is that very rarely an infographic is done well and rather it is created for shallow SEO purpose. Therefore, infographics should be planned well and designed expertly to see greater effects in overall SEO efforts. For example: an infographic from ranks on keyword “how important is content marketing” on Google first page.


Creating Lists of Information

More like an article, creating a ‘list of information’ means writing a post that contain a list of similar items and probably their comparison, to help readers identify which one is better. This particular writing style is very popular that can be seen on any blog or article site, since it is extremely easy to comprehend and search engines like to rank lists of information higher on SERPs. For example: ranks for keyword Chicago seo company in Google first page.


Multiple-page user guides

This is a type of online tutorial structured in the form of multiple page downloadable pdf file. The theme of these user guides can be anything from learning to draw to designing a website. The benefit of using a pdf file format is that these are easy to download or to access anytime. And since these files are user friendly, Google prefers to rank it higher on SERPs. For example: a pdf file from ranks for keyword “how to build a killer content” on Google first page.



When ranking on Google’s first page is your top priority, it is hard to ignore the contribution of video marketing in the SEO efforts. According to a Forrester study – 2009, for keywords where Google offers video results, an average of 1.5 video results are displayed (about 11,000:1 chance for videos to make to the first page of SERPs. Google prioritize video results for the simple reason that users find them easy to comprehend and to access. For example: 3 video results rank on first page for keyword “SEO Tutorial” on first page of Google.


There are plenty of other content types practiced by Search Engine Marketers across the world. For example: article writing, latest news writing and publishing, image marketing and more. The key is to do an in-depth research on the different formats of content writing practiced by your competitors and those recommended by industry experts and then it is possible to narrow down your list to most potential content formats. Just remember not to ignore any new content formats and also not to use a format just because it’s new.