Though conversion can be considered as part of mental science but it is not easy. You have to write copy to help in increasing your sales on the basis of deep knowledge about your target market and knowing the requirements of your customers at each step as a buyer.

One of the essential elements of conversion is to write a landing page that can allow the users of your website to access exclusive content offered by you. But you still have to provide a lead capture form to your audience to fill it to convince them about your brand. The content of these exclusive pages has to be structured to promote a product or service as well as capture leads.

Some of the best practices that can help you in writing landing page copy to improve your conversions are briefly discussed hereunder for your consideration.

Keep landing page easy to navigate and clean

The landing page copywriting should be easy to navigate for the potential customer as it is the first step in his journey as a buyer. No one will like to read a wrongly written landing page if it needs much efforts and time. Your blog posts should include headings, sub-headings, bullet points, short paragraphs, pictures, calls to action, and call to action button so that the reader can easily read it and improve conversion rate.

Keep the content reliable as per the experience of the potential customers

The landing page of your website is not the only place to promote your business. You should avail other opportunities for this purpose. Your landing pages should focus on promoting specific offers and assets. So, for this reason, you should keep the content of the landing page consistent with previously viewed content. All other things should be promoted later on.

Focus on promoting offers

The only goal of your landing page should be to get a lead to request a white-paper or to sign-up a lead for a free trial. You should keep it in your mind while writing a copy along with the questions you lead can ask you in this regard. For instance, if you are offering a benefit for a short term like 15 days then you should support the features of the product that can provide instant results.

Illustrate results with real numbers

Most marketers know that conversions can be easier with lots of numbers instead of any positive statement in this regard. You should give supporting statistics while mentioning the benefits of a product or service.

Keep your copy short

A lead can be on your landing page for certain reasons including getting some additional information along with the offer he was waiting for. For this reason, you should keep your copy short in size by using relevant information instead of extensive information.

Include reviews from your customers

While knowing about a product or service people usually look for the testimonials of the previous consumers. It helps them to know about the real experiences of the users of your product or service. So while writing a copy that converts a lead into a real customer you should include testimonials of your previous customers.

Avoid using too many links

While writing high converting landing pages you should not use a large number of links to attract the attention of their readers. It can distract the readers from the offers you want to promote through these pages. Your landing page should ideally have only a call to action button so that it can increase your conversion rates without distracting your target audience.

Write naturally

While writing a copy of the landing page for mobile devices the tone of your language should be natural so that it can provide information to your prospective customer in a fun and entertaining manner.

Landing page should not be complex

Instead of making your content complicated by putting too many obstacles between your products and services and the led you should discuss the things in a step by step manner to increase conversion rate of your site.

Write original

The content of your landing page should be interesting for the readers so that they may not get bored while reading it. So for this reason, it is good to use different ideas while discussing your brand to make the content interesting for your target audience. So, you should try to make a unique landing page so that your brand can remain in the mind of the leads. By writing an original content you can increase the chances of conversion as it will encourage your leads to explore your site as much as possible.

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